Deborah Evans Young Award

Deborah Evans Young can be described as a trailblazer. She was an example of volunteer management before volunteer management was a well known profession.

Deborah was the Director of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). She believed in building relationships and partnering with the non=profit agencies in Tarrant County. She met personally with all agencies to find volunteer opportunities for the retired volunteers looking to give back to the community. She encouraged all the staff coordinating these volunteer opportunities to join DOVIA (Director of Volunteers In Agencies). Deborah helped start DOVIA and has also held many leadership opportunities.

In 2003, Deborah attended a training conference in Washington, DC with National Service, who financially supported RSVP. While attending the conference Deborah took ill with pancreatitis. She did not survive this illness. The volunteer management community was devistated. In order to memorialize Deborah’s commitment and to honor others that have made a difference in volunteer management in Tarrant County the Deborah Evans Young Award was created.


Winners of the Deborah Evans Young Awards

2004- Rebecca Boyer
2005- Ann Bastable
2006- Marie Tucker, CVA
2007- Marie Howell, CVA
2008- Nedra Cutler, CVA
2009- Kay Dillard
2010- Mary Kathleen Baldwin
2011- Deanna Weaver
2012- Amy Rasor
2013- Shelley Vanlangingham
2014- Linda Smith
2015- Julie Donovan
2016- Felicia Lafuente Cortez
2018- Angie Akmakjian