About Us

DOVIA provides an exciting forum for sharing ideas and experiences with other professionals. Topics of interest about volunteer management are presented at each monthly meeting.

Our Mission

Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA) Tarrant County serves as a professional association for volunteer managers who work in organizations that utilize volunteers.  

Our Purpose

  • Promote volunteer management as a profession

  • Provide volunteer management training

  • Allow resource sharing of volunteer management material

  • Promote volunteerism within the community

DOVIA encourages professional development, networking, and joint training with other DOVIA affiliates.  DOVIA also offers training, scholarships for members, mentoring, and information about state and national volunteer management trends.

View our organization Bylaws.

Committee Involvement

Committees are where it happens!  DOVIA members are invited to actively participate in one or more committees, led by the Officers for the current year.  Without committees, much of what happens during monthly membership meetings, the Professional Development Workshop (PDW), communication and more would not be possible.  Not only are committees how things get done, but they offer more opportunities to learn from one another and build friendships.  DOVIA Tarrant County is proud to support members by engaging members.  If you have great ideas or skills you want to share with DOVIA, join a committee today!  Annual committees are as follows: 

  • Membership

  • Scholarships

  • Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

  • Communications

  • Audit (meets once each year)