Board Members

Left to Right: Allan C. Crosby, Mitzi VanderArk, Nedra Cutler, Jennifer Flynn, Sharon Granado, Paige Brown, Alma Pohler, Angie Akmakjian

Left to Right: Allan C. Crosby, Mitzi VanderArk, Nedra Cutler, Jennifer Flynn, Sharon Granado, Paige Brown, Alma Pohler, Angie Akmakjian

Jennifer Flynn
President of the Board of Directors

The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Committee as well as make all public statements on behalf of the organization.  The President shall appoint the chairs of the Audit and any Special committees, and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees excluding the Nominating Committee.  Jennifer is a Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator at Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County.

Allan Crosby, CVA
Vice President, Membership

The VP of Membership oversees the Membership Committee and is in charge of recruitment, provide meeting hosts, maintain a current membership roster and provide periodic roster updates to the membership. Allan is the Volunteer Services Manager at ACH Child and Family Services and is a Certified Volunteer Administrator.

Mitzi VanderArk
Vice President, Communications

The VP of Communications shall be responsible for the oversight and implementation of the association's website and social media outlets and oversees the Communication Committee.  Mitzi has over 10 years of volunteer management experience and is passionate about serving others in her community.

Alma Pohler
Vice President, Programs

The VP of Programs oversees the Program Committee and is responsible for all programs, meeting locations and lunches.  Alma is the Volunteer and Family Communication Specialist for the Fort Worth School District.

Sharon Granado
Board Secretary

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee. The secretary coordinates the distribution of all meeting notices.  The Secretary chairs the Historical Records/Archives Committee. Sharon is a Librarian and Volunteer Coordinator for the Arlington Public Library.

Paige Brown, CVA
Board Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the organization's income and disbursements acknowledge receipt of funds, make appropriate payments in accordance with the budget.  The treasurer shall make available a written monthly Treasurer's report, as well as the annual financial report after each fiscal year. Paige is a Volunteer Program Coordinator at Cook Children's Health Care System.

Nedra Cutler, CVA
Hospitality Chair

The Hospitality Chair is responsible for arranging meeting locations and meals for members on a monthly basis. This person works closely with the Vice President of Programs and Membership to ensure adequate support is provided. Nedra is a retired volunteer administrator with over 30 years of experience in her field.

Angie Akmakjian
Professional Development Workshop Chair

The PDW (Professional Development Workshop) Chair shall oversee the annual day of development workshop on volunteer management. They will also have to adhere to approved PDW budget and chairs the PDW Committee. Angie is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Community Enrichment Center in Fort Worth.