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Guest Speakers

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Kyle Dendy

From viral videos reaching tens of millions of people to speaking invites from Hollywood stars like Kanye West, bestselling author Kyle Dendy has impacted countless lives with his story of going from fatherless at age 5 after losing his father to suicide to speaking to millions by age 18. Over the last 6 years, he has used his young but powerful voice to speak in schools, churches and organizations on subjects like finding purpose, overcoming the fear of failure and social emotional learning in schools.

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Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are an American professional baseball team based in Arlington, Texas. We are excited to have a member from their office come speak to us about how the Texas Rangers get involved with the community and how we can be involved with them.

Session 1

Ashely E English, Ph.d.
Assistant professor strategic communications at tcu

Team Work makes the Dream Work: Effectively using stakeholder input to create inclusive volunteer programs. In this session, we will explore practical ways to create volunteer programs that embrace inclusivity and model an appreciation for diversity that transforms how nonprofits achieve their mission.

Beyond Recruitment
Karen Reid, MA, CVA
President/Founder of kaber communications

Everyone can benefit from training- even the best players seek guidance on improving their game. Right off the bat, you can help your team come out swinging by providing your volunteers with the tools needed to succeed. Join us for an interactive, deep-dive into the in’s and out’s of a well-rounded training program that includes planning, logistics, content, creation, assessment, and presenting skills.

the four r’s of volunteer management

At this workshop we will be exploring the best methods of Volunteer “R”ecruitment, “R”etention, “R”ecognition and “R”esources. Share ideas and discover fresh ways to “R”ekindle your volunteer program.

Session 2

DISC Communication
William sampson
Executive director with the john maxwell team

Do you have a team that could or should be experiencing better results? I can help you build your bench. To develop upcoming leaders to step into that role when you need them without any loss of productivity. What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results? Come discover “The DISC method” in this session.

30 second elevator speeches & storytelling
Jack Bradshaw
President & Ceo of the northeast tarrant chamber
Gary Whitaker
the storyman

What? I only have 30 seconds to tell you about me and the purpose of the agency i represent? Put me in coach, I can do that!
Learn about storytelling techniques to stir empathy, provoke engagement and inspire action. This session will teach you the tools to be a clear, confident and engaging communicator. So deliver your pitch, throw in some passion and pull on the heartstrings as you round the bases.

Falling back in love with service
Stephanie Canfield, CVA
Community engagement director at ach child & Family Services

Have you lost track of why you have chosen service as your profession? Are you tired and frustrated with what you thought you loved to do? Do you feel like all agency tasks run downhill and fall on your shoulders? Discover a new lens from which to view your volunteer management role. Learn how to build a tribe of supporters for your role. Leave feeling encouraged and full of energy in your mission. Fall back in love with your calling to service.

Session 3

Volunteer Data base panel

The panel will discuss various volunteer data base management software systems. This is an open forum, questions are encouraged.

Corralling chaos
Karen Reid, MA, cva
President/founder of kaber communications

While most volunteers are terrific, those toxic few can really stir the pot. Whether you have a difficult board member, contentious committee chair or an overly vocal volunteer, his or her bad behavior can throw your program off track and your mission in jeopardy. Join us as we explore the whys of bad behavior and learn how to navigate sticky volunteer situations.

Building Relationships
Angie Akmakjian
Engagement Manager at The CEC
Judy Shannon M.S., CVA
Director of Community Engagement at VolunteerNow

Why does every player want to be part of a team? Because of the relationships. In this workshop we will discuss how to initiate, build, and nurture relationships through service. We will prove the value of connecting with volunteers to keep them giving back to your organization. We will play some games that will foster connections to one another and create a lasting bond and lots of laughter.